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Frootes Media are not just another New Media agency; we are a solutions provider that takes great pride in delivering the perfect solution every time. Creating a strong marketing campaign can be like walking through a minefield. You can so easily lose your footing and end up throwing away a lot of budget for no real return.

To truly deliver what our clients need, we become part of your team. Only by fully understanding your company, your clients, your competitors and what they are doing, can we then understand what you are trying to achieve. Initial consultations allow us to visualise our clients goals and objectives. Only then can we ensure that what we deliver will get you safely through that minefield and show you real value for money.

Below you will find a series of case studies that clearly demonstrate what we do, how we do it and most importantly, what our clients think of us.

e-marketing campaign
Frootes media have recently extended their client base winning the email and online marketing for leading bearing manufacturer SKF UK.

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