5 Cleaning Secrets Only Professional Cleaning Services Know

Here is a fun fact: our desks and keyboards alone can hold up to 10 million bacteria per square inch. While it is not true that this will certainly cause diseases and illnesses, it is still imperative to maintain a clean surface, whether in your kitchen, room, house office, or bathroom.  

Cleaning services are known by most people as legitimate and professional when it comes to providing the cleaning output that the customers need and demand. There is always a difference between hiring a professional cleaning company and doing a job on your own or hiring someone to clean your house. Professional companies have the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to do tasks with efficiency and speed.  

But do you know that these professional cleaning services also hold some secrets that they do not want to reveal to their customers? Find them out here.  

1. They have the right tools and one of which is a toothbrush 

Contrary to some claims made by janitorial services that state cleaning does not need special tools, there are tools that make the work efficient and quick. Cleaning services are always upfront with the latest trends in the cleaning industry and this what makes them have an edge. They have few sponges, plastic scrapers, microfiber mops, vacuums, detail scrub brushes, and more.  

But here is one thing that you may not know: professional services also use toothbrushes to clean and remove the grime on the hardest-to-reach areas. The hard bristles of a toothbrush, as well as its size, make it very ideal for cleaning difficult stains in hard to reach areas.  

2.It is a mist to declutter first before cleaning 

Decluttering and making sure that the place and materials are in their proper place are important to have an effective cleaning set-up. When things including appliances, furniture, and other things are everywhere, this makes the cleaning process difficult Declutter first and begins dusting and cleaning the surface after.  

3.Use products that can multi-task 

Professional services use a multi-purpose cleaner that is enough to clean glasses, disinfecting the floor, and cleaning wood. Although they are also equipped with special tools, they never fail to utilize simple tools in the cleaning process.  

4.They plan before cleaning 

This is one thing that makes professional and unprofessional different. Professional services always plan before they declutter everything and start cleaning. Having a plan on what and how to clean will save time and will also provide less distraction and more focus. 

5.THey recheck after cleaning 

Once they are done cleaning all the spaces, professional services recheck for some small stains and crumbs that might have been left out during the cleaning process. They make sure that everything is clean. When you are planning on cleaning your own space, it is important to recheck once you are done.  

With the threat of viral and bacterial infection and disease, cleaning has become an important part of our weekly routine. While it is advised that you hire professional services to clean your property, you can apply the things we have shared here to your own cleaning method. Make a plan, use multi-purpose products, and recheck once you are done.